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Project Description

Yet Another Media Manager  (YAMMU) is an attempt to create a multi-platform, extensible & futuristic universal media manager. I was tired of using media monkey, Picasa, iTunes, windows media player to manage different kind of media.

So In short, YAMMU should allow users to manage, view and edit their photos, videos, documents, and other kind of media in one location.

High level features are:

  • Replacement for photo, music, and video management application - all in one solution.
  • Manage your media from multiple machines in a single location. Allows you to browse local files, remote files via SMB, FTP, Dropbox(future).
  • Synchronize your devices (android, iPhone etc)
  • Share your media with your friends (remote access) using YAMMU.
  • Access your media with standard protocols like UPnP
  • Auto cataloging of media
  • Backup and restore your media

Estimated release date for version 1 is end of 2012.

The project consists of the following major items:

  • Framework: Provides a framework and services shared to manage various media items.
  • Media managers - Individual media managers for different categories of media like Photos, Videos, Documents.
  • Media plugins - Individual plugins for various media managers e.g., effects for photos etc.


The project will be executed in these phases:

  • Design - This phase will be focused on creating the Architecture for YAMMU.
  • Prototype - This phase will focus on prototyping the framework using two types of media as examples
  • Pilot - The application will be released with the above kind of media after Beta testing
  • Maintain - Add additional media etc.

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